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Zandereen of Power: Anzufer - Pixel Art by MaddalinaMocanu Zandereen of Power: Anzufer - Pixel Art by MaddalinaMocanu
No, but seriously, there's a reason for me not doing so. From this list: [link] only Garana, Anzufer, Rithnu and Diefrin have maintained mostly the same design as they had from the first day I've created them.
The reason why I chose to make Anzufer, the green one, instead of Diefrin or Nitaya (black or purple) is due to the fact that 1. Nitaya had originally a different design, so it'd be strange to start off with a character I haven't even drawn on paper like you see her there (lila curly hair and so forth) and 2. Diefrin is the only zandereen that does not wear white garments because of her dislike of the contrast it creates with her hair, eyes and wings.
So instead you have the Zandereen that can wield the forests.

Before the zandereens found a safe dwelling on the Nadarien Lands, a region of threshold, they were beastly creatures, more insect than humanoids. They shifted places frequently and even if they did commune very well with their surroundings, their greedy and stubborn nature got them in lots of conflicts with the various races of the world they lived on, Epra. The daring humans had been roaming throughout the scattered continents of Epra in search for resources and they eventually arrived in the region where the zandereens lived.
They however realized that not even their weaves (magic) could protect them against the charlatan wizards that the humans posessed and so zandereens refuged themselves in the Erena region of the world. The peaceful Erena thought they were trying to take a hold of their lands, thing which happened eventually and regarded them with fear.
Several zandereens, intrigued by the culture, yet less by the belief in Eresua, of the Erena, were slowly drawn in by their teachings. As a result they began to shed a bit of their wild natures and aspects and look more normal. Seeing this shift the majority of the zandereens, those who haven't been swayed by the Erena, put their plan into action and overran their settlements. Those faithful to the Erena offered them a chance to flee a massacre and they all traveled north, to the Nadarien Lands, a place which the zandereens had seen in their flight as being beautiful and untamed.
As a sign of gratitude for their help, the Erena offered the zandereens the richest forest and mountain slope of the Spiked Mountains, the Golden Forest and, in turn, the humanoid?? zandereens formed an order or six trustworthy zandereens that would interact with the Erena in the name of the zandereen people. Those were the Six Powers.

The original Six Powers were: Garana, Anzufer, Rithnu, Lynduin, Iradria and Diefrin

:bulletgreen: Anzufer :bulletgreen:
One of the original Six Powers, Anzufer is a talented zandereen that wields what most of her kin does: nature's strengths, however what sets her apart is that she can also shift her surroundings to be whatever she imagines, even if it is real or illusion.
Anzufer had been chosen from many young zandereen girls along with Garana, Diefrin and her sister, Lynduin. She is very vain and arrogant, much like her sister, she cares little for trifles and petty things, but when the time asks for it she can be really stern and competent. Unlike most of the other Powers, Anzufer spends most of her restful time around the peasants of the Golden Realm and helps them in their endeavours, though if they are ungrateful she swiftly abandons her thought of helping them, ever.
When Conorias made a treaty with the Six Powers, Anzufer had been the main contester to the Brown Angel's decision and did not wish to agree, at first. But a bit of coaxing from her sister helped. :D

Ok, I hope you like her Guys.
It's almost 9 AM in the morning and I stood up all night to finish this. My back aches and I'm hella tired... )Why does mom want us to visit our elder sister's place every day. Geebus! I wanna sleep not wallow around bored out of my darn wits!)

The original idea was to have a base of my own, but I said: Neah! Not worth it!
I deleted the base's lines, but still the base was originally mine ;P

Edit: I changed the category. Just because I deleted the original base, does not mean it did not have it. I'm just too proud to admit it's a doll. >.>
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