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April 15, 2011
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Lo chaiura, alerethin... Remake by MaddalinaMocanu Lo chaiura, alerethin... Remake by MaddalinaMocanu
For those interested:
Fragments from the Chapters of my novel! Tumblr: Maddallinah272's Hideout


Edit 27 Jan 2012:
This was a result of a little advice sharing I had with :iconviccolatte: and I am really glad I got to talk with her, otherwise I wouldn't have experimented the over-shiny effect of Screen for Saturated Colors :la:
For a long time now I've been setting my mind to remake this deviation, I can assure you, so in the past few days I took the chance and remade it - color wise. Aside from a few tweaks, the Line Art was and still is really good. I also made Dhonia look slightly more feminine than before and the entire piece is lighter... I dunno if that's good, but I like the result.
Do they seem out of place? From afar it does seem like that :(

Also I wanted to renew my avatar xD
Here is the old version:

Translation from irthala (my novel's language):
I adore you, (my) elder brother...
Ta ta tadaaa!!! Dhonia and her brother, Brunar, as Elders.
You're saying: "OMG! Siblings (twins actually) in the same bed. Ewww..."
but all they do in the bed is sleep. :dummy: And for your info, he has pants :P

Ithloch Ianim (Dhonia) and Erath Ianim (Brunar) are High Believers amongst the kin that takes them as their own, the Irthala. After a series of unfortunate events, in which they are separated, they reunite, only to be put in the situation of separation again after a brief time together.
They rejoice upon their lives memories, she as an Elder and he as Feamorlus <<< Name was changed in the meantime :P , the Darkwielder and after Erath Ianim makes a chant to weave her blood with his, as his Elder body isn't the same as the one that Feamorlus had taken over (initially belonging to Brunar).
Dhonia comes to her brother with the decision to share her chambers and bed with him, yet "for nothing rash". She had been separated from him and the pain of that was more unbeareble that when Feamorlus had taken hold of her mind.

Is this incest? No, it's not, because they don't engage in anything than just embraces. :D
Is this free love? No, because seeing as they are siblings and Elder High Believers, they are free of ill thoughts towards each other.
Do they kiss (a question which lingers in each of your minds I'm sure :D)? Childishly, she rarely gives him a shy kiss on his upper lip. The most serious kiss they had was when she had to breathe life into his veins, for he had been "ressurected" if you can call it that as a lifeless galumir body.
Yet all this purity, do they quarrel? Yes, they do fight, sometimes for details sometimes because of serious matters, but never to the extent of hating one another.
Is Dhonia naked under the bed sheet?Yes, she is. The scene is a part of her show of trust towards him. She had never trusted him fully, yet now as a High Believer, even if she is slightly fearfull, she feels she can freely show her affection towards him, which includes revealing her secrets (and not only ^_^). Yet nudity is only suggested, so I will not be putting the mature tag.

Is my novel about incest? It's about avoiding it on one hand and on the other it's about Dhonia and Brunar's struggles to prove themselves different from the rest of the humans (they were humans at first). The epilogue is the life story of Ithloch Ianim, Erath Ianim and Elril Amrath and it features many themes that do not appear in the novel.

Those are a lot of folds. It was a drag to make them look right and have the right color and depth. I couldn't make them look flowing >.>

Either way I hope you like it. :D
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Bo-Po-Mo-Fo Mar 1, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Gorgeous shading on this piece!
Very excellent on the details. The lighting is great as well.
PreciousAngelWings Mar 5, 2013  Student General Artist
this is so beautiful and soft :) very nice ^^
magic-bones Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome work here!
Erymry Oct 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I love the colours and the way the sheet is folding. I also get this sort of warm, fuzzy feeling when I look at the siblings. :>

Interesting story idea. ^^
MaddalinaMocanu Oct 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
It's compassion :iconawwplz:
Paperpanic Jun 23, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Amazing colouring!

The illumination and textures are fantastic, nice composition to.
wow amazing pic that had to have taken forever!! sorry for taking so long to reply
MaddalinaMocanu Apr 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Actually it took just 3 days, because the lineart is fairly similar to the older version :P
ahh still a long time if u ask me lol
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