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November 28, 2010
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Ithloch Ianim and Silver Grace by MaddalinaMocanu Ithloch Ianim and Silver Grace by MaddalinaMocanu
:star:Etheral Series:star:
Erath Ianim - [link]

:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletwhite: Ithloch Ianim Heaventear :bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletwhite:

Ithloch Ianim Heaventear is also known as Dhonia Darick.

Ithloch Ianim = Elder of Pure
Silver Grace = magic bound creatures, which look like deers, that are elusive and devoted to purity

:bulletwhite: The Silver Grace, Ithloch Ianim and the Ithloch flower :bulletwhite:

- The Silver Grace, also called afira, are hoofed creatures with silver like fur.
- They are magical in the fact they cannot be seen likely. They spend their lives amongst the shades of the woods they dwell in and blend with the shadows, making them invisible to anyone.
- Their coats are covered in metal like crescent shapes that glow when they reveal or conceal themselves.
- For people to see them they must be pure and trustworthy.
- On their journeys, after Erath Ianim had been reborn, the Twin Elders stumble upon a herd of afira and the leader of the Silver Grace, a proud and tall stag with horns like silk and eyes the shine of stars speaks to them. He assures the travelers that the herd will only reveal themselves if they are entrusted with purity. So Brunar asks his sister to appear naked in front of the stag and so the Silver Grace ties a bond to Ithloch Ianim, of grace and purity.

The Ithloch flower that glows in Dhonia's hand is the same flower her brother gives her after he had been Cursed. It later serves as the charm with which Brunar is brought to life as an Elder-galumir.

The pendant at her neck represents Elril's love. It glows bright white, her color theme as to show she is pure and devoted to him.

:bulletgreen: About the pic :bulletgreen:

As you can tell, Etheral Series is a study on light and it's influence on different colors and points of view.
Along the following drawings that I shall make for the series, concomitant with other works like M. A. B or studies on scenarios and :D nudes, i hope, you shall observe varying sources of light and varying intensity. I want to get the best out of the new ideas i have on 'lighting' ^__^

This drawing took me so much to do. The light on it was so hard to do, especially because this time there are 2 light sources, the first small that represents the light of the pendant and flower put together as a continuous light, and the other the stag which has light all over it.
Seeing that the stag actually turns his head towards her, I had to model the light in such a way it could blend easily and fluidly.
I kinna messed up on the hair, it looks like it's covered in chalk :/
The dress is done in a rather impressionist style, considering my last month has been spent studying them.
I guess I kinna overdid it with the shade at her feet, but I already took away one shade, didn't bare to take S3 away :/
I really like how the dress turned out especially around the hips, it actually looks like a transparent dress :O
The belt, dress line and sleeves were intricate and challenging to make, seeing they rely on the light for their shine, as the gems do :D
From a far, my elder sister said Dhonia looks ugly T_T but she's pweeeeety :D
For those interested:


For those interested:
Fragments from the Chapters of my novel! Tumblr: Maddallinah272's Hideout

Tags: dhonia brunar darick elril amrath lake of the 40 towers ithloch ianim erath ianim diferion irthala maddallinah272
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SaphireKitsune Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Umm... ai incercat sa faci maneca de la rochie puutin mai inchisa a.i. capul cerbului sa iasa putin mai mult in evidenta? ^^ Intreb asta ptr ca primele locuri la care se uita ochiul sunt ochii si expresia personajelor/creaturilor , asta intr-o compozitie cu personaje si creaturi ^^. Ma gandesc ca 'punctele' care ar trebui sa atraga cel mai mult atentia ar trebui sa fie capul cerbului si expresia fetei :D
In rest e foarte tare! :aww: Imi place foarte mult cum ai asociat cate o creatura care sa se potriveasca cat mai mult cu fiecare personaj, atat prin culori cat si prin 'caracterul' fiecaruia :meow:
Ps: sper sa nu te deranjeze ideea expusa mai sus, in caz ca o vei considera utila, ma bucur :) ... altfel, eu doar mi-am dat cu parerea... ^^
MaddalinaMocanu Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Nu revin la desenele pe care le-am facut in Etheral Series din cauza ca ele au fost facute la timpul lor, in tehnica pe care o stiam pe atunci. Nu voi reface seria in tehnica mea noua ca ar insemna sa ma invart in jurul cozii. Insa am invatat mai multe despre lumina si mi s-a atras atentia cum ca cerbul i-ar manca umarul, dar nu conteaza :D E o greseala de moment.
SaphireKitsune Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Stiu cum e :D ... eu, cand desenez, ma pierd in desen si de multe ori se intampla sa uit sau chiar sa nu vad anumite defecte... ^^ Iar dupa ceva timp, in care mai invat cate ceva, imi dau seama de anumite lucruri omise ;) . Asta e semnul ca progresam :hug:
Ei bine, sper sa nu te fi deranjat :) ... dar observand asta la tine mi-am dat seama de un lucru la care trebuie sa fiu atenta daca voi face ceva in tehnica aceasta :aww:
Spor la lucru :tighthug: .
MaddalinaMocanu Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Si tie si sper sa iti fie un succes :D
uoyoonmira Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful work dear, i love it
SoSilverBright Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its really beautiful
MaddalinaMocanu Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you ^_^
MirageMari Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
You know what I think about your Etheral Series :) They're one of the best from your gallery :)
MaddalinaMocanu Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
And it's full of symbols.

It's also a great light study. Each and every single time I try new things in terms of shading and lights ^______^ I learned a lot from the Etheral Series :D :iconselftaughtartist:
MirageMari Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
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