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September 25, 2010
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Erath Ianim with Alamarua by MaddalinaMocanu Erath Ianim with Alamarua by MaddalinaMocanu
:star:Etheral Series:star:
Ithloch Ianim - [link]

:bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblue: Erath Ianim Lightwielder :bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblue:

Erath Ianim Lightwielder is also known as Brunar Darick.

Erath Ianim = Elder of Light
Alamarua = Sky's Song

:bulletwhite: A bit about Alamarua and Erath Ianim :bulletwhite:

- Alamarua is a magic forged sword, that takes the shape of a staff, that has been created to reveal the identity of the most powerful galumir of the Nadadurin Lands its fist owner being Lhimter. Following his death Alamarua staff has been held in keeping by Aetsir, his apprentice.
- After the Rebirth of Brunar into the galumir-Elder Erath Ianim, Alamarua comes to belong to him. It has a gruesome side to it however: Its wounds NEVER heal (aside from it's wielder).

- Brunar, Erath Ianim's former human self, decided that Feamorlus - his Darkwielder form - needs to die, even if that meant killing himself along side the fiend. Aetsir offered to spare Brunar however and turned him into a galumir himself, for the only beings that wizards can create is their own kin.
- Erath Ianim is a powerful wizard, more confident and daring than he ever was as a human. He shares similar powers as his Darkwielder form did yet all bent towards light thus earning his namesake of Lightwielder.
- He has white eyes, trait given through Grace by Conorias.
- Brunar's charm on the other hand is a scarlet ithloch flower in his crystal wizard heart. This charm is what keeps the Elder alive.

For those interested:

Fragments from the Chapters of my novel! Tumblr: Maddallinah272's Hideout

Tags: dhonia brunar darick elril amrath lake of the 40 towers ithloch ianim erath ianim diferion irthala maddallinah272
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SaphireKitsune Jun 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Your beautiful artwork was featured in my journal :aww:
You can take a look here : [link]
MaddalinaMocanu Jun 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thank you ^_^
SaphireKitsune Jun 17, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
:tighthug: !!! I'm happy and honored:bow: to meet you and your artwork .

Good luck!
frosty456 Nov 13, 2011  Student General Artist
great work - would you mind looking at my gallery and commenting so that I can improve? thanks - I'd greatly appreciate it :)
Hidden by Owner
MaddalinaMocanu Nov 13, 2011  Student Digital Artist
It's my own! :dummy: Hammered and polished since April 2010 :D
i love the shining effect
MaddalinaMocanu Nov 12, 2011  Student Digital Artist
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